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Your technician will start by checking the exterior and interior of your home for obvious entry ways for the rodent and recommend repair options. This will help ensure that the mice cannot easily reinfest your home after treatment has been completed. A single control measure may not be effective against more severe infestations so each case is entirely unique. Your technician may set up and implement a program using baited mouse traps, mechanical traps and glue boards where deemed necessary. Extreme caution and safety is exercised when implementing control measures including placing baited traps in tamper resistant secured stations, and in areas that are as inaccessible (to people & pets) as possible. All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health and well-being.



The control program is only effective if the following steps are taken after your home is serviced:

  • DO NOT move any of the stations or traps.
  • DO NOT use any other rodent control products. (this can work against the control measures put in place)
  • Follow the technician’s recommendations for any repairs needed to close entry points.
  • Remove all competing food sources. (this means keeping all pet foods in tightly sealed containers, cleaning up spills as they occur, removing trash on a regular basis, etc.)
  • Your technician will return after the extermination has been completed to remove all baits and traps. This should be arranged prior to service.

Prepare For Treatment

Do not remove rodent droppings before inspection (this will allow the Technician to further determine level of activity, population, etc.)


  • Empty only ground level cupboards and drawers of all dishes, pots, pans, cans, food, etc.


  • Remove any obstacles near or around electrical panels, furnace units, air exchange units.


  • Remove any obstacles near or around laundry machines.


  • Remove any obstacles on the ground level near or around the inside walls.
  • The garage should be free of any vehicles before inspection.


  • Clear out all items from your cabinets and sink vanity drawers
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