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Your technician will use a variety of methods to eliminate the cockroach infestation depending on each unique situation. The majority of the treatment will focus on kitchen appliances and closet shelving in areas where the infestation was detected. In the majority of cases, your technician will be using a bait formulation that is strategically placed at sites of cockroach activity. This is the safest and most effective and efficient means of cockroach control and often require only one treatment. All treatments will be made with your safety in mind to ensure your health.


The bait will remain effective only if the following steps are taken after your home is serviced:

  • DO NOT use other pest control chemicals (powders or sprays) or cleaning products anywhere near bait placements, as this will decrease or eliminate the effectiveness of the bait(s).
  • Remove all competing food sources. (This means keeping all foods in tightly sealed containers, cleaning up spills as they occur, removing trash on a regular basis, etc.)
  • You may place back all kitchen items right after the bait treatment.


If only bait is used: It is not necessary for you or your pets to leave your home before, during or after the bait treatment. You may notice greater activity right after treatment for 1 to 2 days. This is due to the pest coming out of their harborage areas to feed on the bait. Please be patient, the bait will REDUCE COCKROACH ACTIVITY to very low levels within approximately 2 weeks leading to elimination.

If spray or spray & bait treatment is used: It is necessary for you and your pets to leave your home for 4 hours once the treatment begins. Fish aquariums maybe left onsite, however they should be covered and air filters must be disconnected. Persons with underlying health conditions should consult their family physician where they have concerns regarding re-entry time. Upon re-entry, please open windows for 20 min to properly ventilate the treated rooms.

Prepare For the Treatment

  • Clean kitchen thoroughly, including floor, stove, range hood, and counter tops. Clean inside and outside of dishwasher. Pull out refrigerator, stove, etc. and clean behind and underneath. All cleaning should be done before, not after treatment. Turn off smoke alarms.

  • Everything should be removed from kitchen cupboards, above and below the sink. Drawers and countertops should be cleaned. Wash cupboards inside and out, wipe out drawers with damp rag, clean sink and countertops well.

  • Clear out all items from your cabinets and sink vanity drawers.
  • Empty the closets that are experiencing the pest issue or signs of activity.
  • Make this area accessible for the technician to properly inspect and treat rooms.
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